• Maria Varvoutis, MPH, CD, PCD

Birth Partner Cheat Sheet

A Prelude to the Birth Partner


How can you as a birth partner prepare to assist your birthing person as their confidant? Their breathe couch? Their thought partner? First of all, you need to become comfortable with the following notion. Your partner may come out with ALL kinds of statements throughout the birth that you never thought possible. Birth is an INTENSE journey and can have a very powerful effect on your journey together as partners.

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let's discuss the short list of ways you can assist your partner before, during, and after birth.

  1. Follow the birthing person's cues on how they are handling 'practice' and real contractions. Validate their pain and try to assist with getting them into different positions that feel better to cope with them.

  2. Offer food and hydration options at all times. Dehydration can cause stronger contractions and inhibit the progression of labor.

  3. Offer to help set up the baby room, clothes, birthing location prep bag, car seat, etc. If the birthing person feels that you are there for both the emotional and physical transition of this journey the entire journey can feel less climatic and more enjoyable. Remember the mind plays a powerful role in our biggest life events.

  4. Offer to talk through possible birth options and ask how your partner envisions them going. This, again, creates a deeper connection between you both as you prepare for the unknown and very exciting journey of meeting your baby!

  5. Pump up a birthing ball and practice possible birthing positions that feel comfortable for your birthing partner. This can be BEYOND helpful in empowering you both as you walk further closer to your birthing day.

  6. Set up warm and welcoming food and hydration options for after the birth, and upon arrival home.

  7. Make a list of possible lactation counselors with your birthing partner's consent.

  8. Make a list of possible maternal health counselors with your birthing partner's consent.


If you would like further information on ways that you can be of assistance and support to your birthing partner throughout the birth journey--contact me today! I would be happy to talk through this and pass along my own resources that I give to my birth doula clients in their Welcome Packets.

Don't really want to chat and would rather read something else? Please consider checking out the book: The Birth Partner. You don't have to read it cover to cover, but I PROMISE it will help you feel more prepared to be the primary support person for your birthing partner.

Happy Birthing!


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