Benefits of a Doula

Strength in Support

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A doula can be an advocate for the mother during the delicate time after a baby is born. As our modern world causes us to move far and wide, a doula can help fill the gap of care that our ancestors strove to fill through village midwives.


Each baby can feel like an entirely different experience; therefore, a doula works with caregivers of adopted or birthed children.


A doula:

  • works with the birthing person and/or partner throughout the laboring process to supply physical and emotional support

  • strives to help you achieve your birth experience goals

  • helps the mother focus on recovering after all forms of birth

  • offers 1:1 support through breastfeeding (see CLC, Breastfeeding Counseling)

  • allows caregivers time to rest through overnight care

  • offers guidance on newborn care as requested

  • understands that lack of sleep and exhaustion can be taxing and offers mental help support and referrals

  • provides light housekeeping

Evidence-based Research for Hiring a Doula:

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The Impact of Doulas on Healthy Birth Outcomes

Impact of Doulas on Healthy Birth Outcomes

March of Dimes Position Paper

Research Review: Doula Care Not Only Improves Outcomes But It Is Cost-Effective Also (Lamaze)

“My first birth experience was kind of traumatic, honestly, and I wanted this one to be different,” Lucy explains. “Plus, when she talked to us about everything she could do to help, it just seemed like a really great idea.”