• Maria Varvoutis, MPH, CD, PCD

1st Trimester : The Battlefield

Updated: Mar 31

Congratulations! You just found out your pregnant and.... (omph, cough, gag). Yup. Definitely pregnant.

It's always completely baffling to me that your body doesn't seem to have any signs of nausea until you get that positive pregnancy stick. Yes, yes, yes, I know, it has to do with the chemistry of the body and the hormone fluctuation, but man, oh man, can it just all stay at bay...? Please?

Ok, back to getting through these seconds, minutes, days, weeks, and months of endless 'morning sickness'. All tips have been a compilation from doulas, real-life moms who have gone through this or are in the trenches now, and a midwife.

TIP 1: Find your favorite water bottle and vow to get through 3-4 of those a day. Believe me when I say you don't want to get behind in your hydration.

TIP 2: Small, protein snacks every 1- 2 hrs to keep energy levels up. Hummus, egg salad with pickles, turkey bites, string cheese, bites of chicken--you get it. This can seem insane, but it really does help. You'll find the snack that works for you.

TIP 3: Hot water with fresh lemon and ginger (yes, this is different from packeted tea)

TIP 4: Hydration/Electrolyte packets to get that extra punch in your water. Ginger tea, lemon tea, and also dandelion tea have been proven helpful with detoxifying the liver which leads to less nausea.

TIP 5: Get more sleep/rest than you possibly have gotten since your teenage years (or earlier). Your body will thank you!

TIP 6: Ginger gum or chews

TIP 7: Eat more frequently, in smaller meals to aid with digestion. Broth also can be a game changer to have around for snacks too.

Ask your medical provider if none of these things seem to provide any relief. They can give you some options if you would like.

Need someone else to talk to? Shoot, I'm always down to chat and commiserate through the pain. The body is a miraculous, and amazing vessel for this new life inside of you, but gosh darn it, it can be tough. Please, if all else, try to find an excuse to walk (probably slowly) around the block today. It can really help lighten the mood and make you feel a little normal.

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