• Maria Varvoutis, MPH, CD, PCD

Packing Your Postpartum Bag

Hi there! It’s Maria here, your Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula here to help out with guidance on what to pack for your postpartum life after having your beautiful baby!

From both client and personal experience, you might want to consider the following items to aid with your postpartum recovery:

-Always Underwear

-postpartum underwear

-breastfeeding tank x3

-loose pj pants (no tight elastic band)

-comfy socks with stickies to prevent falls


-toiletry bag with face wipes and/or face scrub (for bathroom far from your own personal one in case you don’t feel like navigating stairs, etc. after an interesting night)

-postpartum sitz bath

-Tucks for pads and healing

-peri bottle

-Dermoplast spray

-giant water bottle with straw

-postnatal vitamins with DHA & Omega 3’s


All of these items (and more) can be found on my Amazon Postpartum Wish List that I continue to add to when I find an item that a client loves. Ultimately, it is about what is working best for YOU and your situation. **This list is non-exhaustive and is primarily based on the birthing person's healing process, and does not touch items desired for your feeding journey with your baby.**

If possible, try out some food subscription boxes that pique your interest while you are still pregnant. Allowing that little prep work to be done for you can be a HUGE blessing and can take one more thing off of your plate.

For the first couple of weeks home, remember it’s okay to let your other duties slide and let someone else do it. If you prioritize your sleep and nutrition, I promise you your recovery will show for it. The amount of physical and mental strain from depletion that occurs when we ignore our own bodies warning signs--BREAKS. US. DOWN. You need to be there for both your new baby and family. Don’t forget to throw the life preserver to yourself too.

Confused on where to start with nutrition? Start with a Whole Foods based diet, and no, I don't mean the grocery store. Real veggies, fruits, and proteins can have a dramatic impact on your postpartum healing journey. Of course we all have our meals where our choices are less than ideal. Give yourself grace. You'll get there.

Laughing at me about getting sleep with a newborn? Yeah, I’ve done that before too. As I am not a sleep coach my primary advice on this is to give yourself grace. Some days are really freaking hard, while others will seem like you've got this baby thing down pat. Remember that each day is a new day, and always feel free to drop me a message. Just because you are a caregiver does not mean you have to be an automatic sleep, feeding, baby development expert. Give yourself grace.

Postpartum can be a crazy and wild ride for all members involved. Feel free to comment below on your most beloved postpartum recovery item that you loved fresh out of birth!

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