• Maria Varvoutis, MPH, CD, PCD

My Christmas Wish List with a New Baby

This is your gift guide from your practical Doula who just wants to see you warm, comfy, and relaxed.

  1. Get a gift card for doula services both day and night. I know you saw that one coming. :)

  2. A waterproof changing pad, weighted blanket, and overall awesome tool for wet parks and beaches that you may want to one day lay your baby out on. I have loved this brand for MANY years. Their customer service is impeccable and they truly care about you as a customer. True fact:I have used it as a towel underneath a baby bath and my bed did not get one drop of water on it.

  3. Diaper service subscription (the gift that keeps on giving!)

  4. Adorable zip up sleepers so you aren't struggling with snaps in the middle of night (or day).

  5. The thick spit up cloths that make sure you don't get any fun stuff on your holiday outfit.

  6. Fuzzy sweater or robe for accessible feeding and snuggles.

  7. Kanga care shirt for skin-to-skin--SO much research has been on this to prove how helpful it is long term for your baby.

  8. Massages for your achy arms and shoulders from holding that baby. A lot.

  9. Nice smelling candles or essential oils. It may seem tacky but seriously they can make all the difference when you feel like everything else is messy. At least you can't smell the poop!

  10. Work out an agreement between you, your partner, and your family on what hours you will not be able to possibly participate in activities based upon your baby's needs. This can be REALLY hard. Your rest and sleep is important too though!

If you are looking for any more ideas on what to buy for yourself during the postpartum stage, feel free to check out my Amazon Wish List that is also on my website under Resources.

All the hugs and well wishes as we come into this holiday season.


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