• Maria Varvoutis, MPH, CD, PCD

Breastfeeding Quick Tips from a Doula and CLC

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

  1. Remain open minded. Breastfeeding does not always click right away and you may need to switch around how you feed your baby a lot until you find something that clicks.

  2. Ditch the creams. I know, I know, but hear me out. The creams are a fantastic short term solution when you may be feeling nipple pain or soreness; however, it will not solve your problems long term. Against the baby marketing world’s ideals the true problem usually lies in something else that you may want to trouble shoot with a lactation counselor.

  3. A latch a what?! This is how your baby is attaching to your breast while feeding. You don’t want just your nipple tips in there, but all of it. Breast too.

  4. Your baby is meant to pull it‘s head back, tilt, and then wrap it’s mouth around your areola and nipple region. Never push your baby’s face on by the head. You can gently guide your baby on the back. Lean baby's toward you--stomach touching you. Line up the ears with the hips, and Wahlah! You are on your way to getting a good latch!

  5. Around the clock feeding can become taxing on the body. Please remember to stay hydrated and nourished. It can be easy to want to skip meals when you are tired--DON'T. Your body will continue to create breastmilk regardless of how many calories you are intaking; however, you will not feel great without proper nourishment.

  6. Try not to get too stressed about every feeding. Through both personal and professional experience your feeding experiences will improve the more you remember to stay calm. You both are learning what to do here. It is a team effort!

  7. We are here to make sure the baby stays fed--in any manner. You are not a failure for introducing other methods.

  8. And lastly, you are doing an amazing thing. You just had a baby, and are nourishing it on top of all of the other aches and pains you may be experiencing! 💛

If you are looking for more answers and support surrounding breastfeeding and newborn care, please feel free to contact me. All inquiries are treated confidentially. You do not have to feel alone in your breastfeeding journey. SOOOO many others have either felt the same feelings you are having or feel that way RIGHT NOW.


Breastfeeding support groups are a beautiful avenue to get to know other caregivers, find other likeminded individuals, and meet up with a lactation counselor to get your questions or concerns answered. Locally you can find yours through https://lllusa.org/locator/ or by Googling 'breastfeeding support groups near me'.You can also find support internationally through https://www.llli.org/get-help/.


Trustworthy and reliable breastfeeding internet resources include (but are not limited to):





You got this!!! 💪🏼 Maria

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